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gib mir deinen körper


2010-09-18 19:22:49 by raving2thegrave

Yeah okay, I've done it before, but I love the NG community and your questions are fantastic.

Ask away, mi amigos/mich freundin

ask me anything!

2009-09-24 20:17:43 by raving2thegrave

Ask me anything you want. No limits, I'll give you the straight answer

I will answer ANY question you may have.

No bullshit, no innocence, right in your face, answers.

Question away, asshats!

Lol, wut?

2008-07-10 21:22:35 by raving2thegrave

O hai!

Didn't see u thar!

I mean seriously, its been such a long time since I've logged in I haven't seen all the new comments. Well neway, hi again.

And Now, Suddenly.....

2007-07-27 08:14:45 by raving2thegrave

Everyone DOESN'T think I'm a noob.

What a weird turn of events!

So everyone thinks I'm a noob.

My cats name really is Jimmy Dean
and I wanted to tell you that because I wanted to see all the smart-ass responces.

Deal with it.

I <3 AwfulAwful for saying "I like you"


Hey guys, my first news post. Exciting.
I'm making a collab with someone now, so expect a new trance song soon.
That rock song I did was a side project.